What does KTN do?

Our goal is to provide you with unprecedented recruiting support by utilizing a combination between technology and skilled recruiting professionals.

Talent Sourcing

Utilizing the latest and modern technology to extracting a very extensive data on social network sources. Expert in a variety of industries, deliver the highest quality talents matches recruiting parameters.


Web Design

Our team of highly qualified and experienced UI & UX Developers who take responsibility for designing and developing outstanding creative designs.


Talent Management Plaform

A user-friendly web managed solution increases organizational efficiency, maximizes resource utilization, fosters individual responsibility and productivity, centralises talent management solution for identifying, tracking and onboarding the best candidates possible.

Software development concept in tag cloud on white background

Application Development

We provide solutions in custom application development cover design, support and implementation of information systems, enterprise application development & integration, application tracking systems (ATS).

Who We Are

A fast-growing company that focuses on web development and talent sourcing services.

We provide an effective solution to manage a consistent talent’s information for hiring needs. Connect industrial knowledge regarding specifications of particular requests with creativity of search of the best talents.

We also provide effective design and development solutions in web-based applications, web design, web development, third party integration for clients globally.

Projects Delivered

Why We Are Different



  • Deliver a competitive advantage by well-trained specialist
  • Effective for high-volume, high-impact or specialized requests
  • Effective recruitment methods with in-depth industry knowledge



  • Combine the latest advances in technology and social media
  • Continuously research and develop new technique
  • Flexible in customizing service package based on Client needs


Speed and more

  • Quick response to specialized needs within 24 Hours
  • Competitive service fee in the market

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